William of Sens

William of Sens ( † August 11, 1180 ) was a French architect of the 12th century who was known in particular for his work on the Cathedral of Canterbury.


About its origin and date of birth is not known. Maybe he came from Sens. Since about 1136 he was a member of the local building workshop. He worked as a mason and foreman at various buildings in the French room. In 1174 he was brought to Canterbury for the construction of the local cathedral. He built the choir of the church newly, which he commenced the first phase of English Gothic, the Early English. Under the supervision of William Sens ' has the monk Gervase of one - written few surviving contemporary accounts for the construction of Gothic cathedrals, the so-called " Gervase report " - next to the Abbot Suger. In 1178, William of Sens fell from a scaffolding and pulled to serious injury. The progress of the work he could supervise only from his sickbed. He returned to France after 1179 and probably to Sens, where he died a short time later.