William VI, Duke of Aquitaine

William the thickness ( Guillaume le Gros ) (* 1004, † December 15, 1038 in Poitiers) from the family of Ramnulfiden was 1030-1038 as William IV, Count of Poitou and as William VI. Duke of Aquitaine. He was the son of William V (III ) the Great.

Throughout his reign he had to face also the enmity of his stepmother Agnes of Burgundy, the third wife of his father, which was entered into in 1032 with Gottfried II, Count of Anjou, a second marriage.

From Gottfried, who laid claim to the Saintonge, he was captured on September 20, 1034 at the Battle of Moncontour at Saint- Jouin -de- Marnes, and three years later released on the assignment of the cities Saintes and Bordeaux. He immediately took the fight again, was beaten again, and was forced to cede the Ile d' Oléron.

Wilhelm appointed in Poitiers a Vogt ( Prévôt ), thus creating the first approaches to managing the city.

William married Eustachie of Montreuil- Bellay, daughter of Berlay III. , But remained childless. He died in Poitiers and was buried in Maillezais. His successor was his brother Odo.