William W. Ellsworth

William Wolcott Ellsworth ( born November 10, 1791 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut; † January 15, 1868 in Hartford, Connecticut ) was an American politician and Governor of the State of Connecticut.

Early years and political rise

William Ellsworth was the son of Oliver Ellsworth, a U.S. Senator and Judge of the Supreme Court He graduated in 1810 at Yale University, studied law in Litchfield, and was admitted to the bar in 1813. From 1817 on Ellsworth as a law professor (Professor of Law ) was at Trinity College in Hartford operates, a position which he held until his death. Later he decided to go into politics. He ran as a member of the National Republican Party for the U.S. House of Representatives and won. Ellsworth was elected to the 21st, 22nd and 23rd U.S. Congress and was there from March 4, 1829 until his resignation on July 8, 1834 worked. He was then elected in 1836 for the 1st District in the Senate of Connecticut.

William Wolcott Ellsworth was with Emily S. Webster, eldest daughter of Rebecca Greenleaf and Noah Webster, a farmer's son, began to publish the dictionaries, married. The couple had six children together.

Governor of Connecticut

Ellsworth won the 1838 Governor nomination of the Whigs and was elected in the same year as governor of Connecticut. It was in 1839, 1840 and re-elected in 1841. During his tenure, a progressive method for voter registration (English voter registration) was constituted, established a school committee and adopted inconsequential laws to improve fickle with the goal of Connecticut's financial system. Ellsworth also won the 1842 gubernatorial election, however, the legislature decided that the Democrat Chauncey F. Cleveland was the real winner.

Further CV

Ellsworth returned to his work back in his law practice. Later he worked as an Associate Justice on the Connecticut Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of Errors from 1847. Due to constitutional rules relating to the age, he had to retire in 1861. He rejected two nomination for the U.S. Senate and withdrew from public life.

William W. Ellsworth died on January 15, 1868 in Hartford and was buried there in the Old North Cemetery.