Willys Jeep Truck

The Willys Jeep Truck resembled the Jeep Wagon and the Jeep Jeepster VJ -2 and VJ- third It was introduced in 1947 and had the model names 2T and 4T. These vehicles were with the Willys Go Devil - ³ engine at 2196 cm and the Borg - Warner T90 - Three speed transmission of the CJ -2A equipped. In 1950, the truck got a facelift was called the 473; the new Hurricane four-cylinder engine, it was desired. In this model, the new radiator is inserted in a V- shape with five horizontal bars. The steps at the side of the loading area fell away. After 1950 there was no longer even the model with rear-wheel drive. 1953 was the new model 475 and the number of horizontal grille bars was reduced to three. A six-cylinder model, the 6-226 was offered from 1954; as a result thereof were the sales figures of the model 475 considerably. The 226 was in 1962 in favor of the new Tornado engine 6-230 off with an overhead camshaft.


There was only one transmission, the manual Borg-Warner T90 three-speed gearbox. The models with four-wheel drive had a Spicer 18 - powertrain. In the early models on request was a rear axle, type Timken 51540, available, otherwise was the Dana 53 standard. The front axle was a Dana 25 Standard was also a gear ratio on the differential of 5.38: 1

About 200,000 trucks were produced.