Wilson S. Bissell

Wilson Shannon Bissell ( born December 31, 1847 in New London, Oneida County, New York, † October 6, 1903 in Buffalo, New York ) is an American politician (Democratic Party), who during the second term of President Grover Cleveland served as U.S. Postmaster General.


Wilson made ​​Bissell 1869 graduate of Yale University. In 1871 he was admitted to the Bar of the State of New York, after which he began to work as a lawyer in a law firm in Buffalo. There also Grover Cleveland worked. The two men became close friends and together founded in 1873, the firm Bass, Cleveland & Bissell.

After Cleveland had been elected in 1882 for Governor of New York, Bissell had to restructure the practice; He remained a resident of prominent business lawyer in Buffalo. In 1884, he was then in the Electoral College, the Cleveland elected as U.S. president; more offers to enter into politics, he lashed out at first. Only when the meantime deselected Cleveland in 1892 for a second time became president, Bissell accepted the nomination for the Postmaster General.

The task of carrying out reforms in the public service, but at the same democratic party members with offices in the apparatus of the Postal Service supply, Bissell, however, caused great problems. In addition to that its spending dramatically increased by the fact that he had to move his main point to Washington. So he joined in 1895 back again. He moved back to Buffalo, worked as a lawyer and in 1902 chancellor of the University of Buffalo. Politically, he was only in 1896 once again active as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.