Wincenty Pol

Wincenty Pol ( born April 20, 1807 in Lublin, † December 2, 1872 in Kraków ) was a Polish writer, geographer and ethnographer.

Pol attended the Gymnasium in Lviv and the Jesuit College in Tarnopol. From 1824 to 1827 he studied philosophy at the University of Lemberg. From 1828, he taught German at the University of Vilnius. Here he published a first collection of folk songs under the title Pieśni gminne.

The November Uprising in 1830 ended pole academic career. He took part in the uprising, which was obtained during the Lithuanian Uhlans the rank of lieutenant and was awarded the Virtuti Militari. After the collapse of the uprising in Lithuania emigrated pole and lived in Leipzig, Konigsberg and Dresden, where he met Adam Mickiewicz 1832 and Antoni Edward Odyniec. With General Józef Bem, he then went to Poznan and later to Lviv.

In the later 1830s, Pol dedicated as a geographer and ethnographer exploring the Tatras. In 1840 he settled in Maryipole at Biecz. Although he still fought for the independence of Poland, he took no part in the insurrection of Cracow 1846. Fleeing from the riots in Galicia, he was attacked and wounded by farmers and spent several months in prison in Jaslo and Lviv.

1849 Pol was Professor of Geography at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, where he taught until 1853 to his dismissal ( on suspicion of disloyalty against the Russian occupying power ). He undertook at this time of exploratory expeditions in the Tatra and the Beskids. After his release he lived as a guest of friends and relatives who published publications and lectured in Krakow and Lviv. From 1857 he became blind. He spent his last years in Cracow, where he in 1869 a chair of sociality Logie received him and 1870, the Galician Parliament zusprach a lifelong pension. In year of his death he was a member of the Academy of Sciences of Krakow.


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