Wind (Film)

  • Jennifer Grey: Kate Bass
  • Matthew Modine: Will Parker
  • Stellan Skarsgård: Joe Heiser
  • Cliff Robertson: Morgan Weld
  • Jack Thompson: Jack Neville
  • Rebecca Miller: Abigail Weld
  • Ned Vaughn: Charley Moore
  • Peter Montgomery: TV commentator
  • Saylor Creswell: Butler
  • James Rebhorn: George
  • Michael Higgins: Artemus
  • Ron Colbin: Ted
  • Ken Kensei: Swami
  • Bill Buell: Danny

Wind is the title of a U.S. sports film of the year 1992, freely after the spectacular initial loss of the America 's Cup by the USA in 1983 and its recovery in 1987.


The young skipper Will Parker wants to defend the United States of the America 's Cup. He receives from the shipowner Morgan Weld's offering to compete with his yacht Radiance of the America 's Cup against Australia. This brings Will Parker in a dilemma, because his friend and sailing partner, Kate must not on board. She leaves him - and the Cup also is lost. With the help of Kate and her new boyfriend, he can build a new boat: The yacht Geronimo. Kate's participation ensures the Americans at the last moment to win.


  • The yacht "Geronimo " corresponds to the " Stars & Stripes U.S. 55"
  • The " Radiance " is the "Liberty" ( NYYC AC'83 )
  • The " Boomerang " corresponds to " Australia II KA- 6" ( RPYC AC'83 )
  • The " Platypus " is a fictional edition of the " Kookaburra III " ( RPYC AC'87 )