WIND (spacecraft)

Wind is an American space probe, launched in 1994.


The 1250 kg heavy wind probe was launched by the United States in partnership with ESA, Russia, Czech Republic and Japan as part of the " International Solar Terrestrial Physics" ( ISTP ) project. This project is also part of the SOHO and some satellites. Target of the probe wind was the exploration of the incoming solar wind upon contact with the shock front of the earth.


  • The probe was launched November 1, 1994 on a Delta II launch vehicle.
  • Wind remained initially in an orbit around the Earth with an apogee of 1.5 million km.
  • In November 1996 the probe reached orbit around the Lagrange point L 1
  • In March 1998, wind left this position and swung in a designated as a petal - orbit orbit around the earth near the border of the Earth's gravity field, and is thus an earth satellite.
  • The probe is still active.
  • On 3 June 2013, the probe has measured with his Transient Gamma - Ray Spectrometer gamma-ray burst GRB 130603B the.