Window Maker

The GNU Window Maker (short WindowMaker or wmaker ) is written by Alfredo Kojima window manager for the X11 graphics system.

From the design, it is based on NextStep and intended as an improvement of AfterStep. It offers a functional exterior with extensive configuration options with low RAM and CPU load.

Window Maker is the preferred window manager for GNUstep, although Window Maker itself WINGs ( " WINGs is not GNUstep " ) used as a toolkit.

Also KDE and GNOME applications will run under Window Maker. If these programs use dock icons, this may not work properly because Window Maker does not have a control bar ( taskbar).


Window Maker has taken the well-known from NeXTSTEP dock. At The Dock can be frequently used programs and so-called slit apps (small dockable applications like clock, volume control ) store. These are the same on every virtual desktop.


Even the so-called clip can be regularly used applications secure. However, this may differ according to the currently active workspace. Also, is switched with the clip between the virtual desktops.


With a right click on the background, the menu is activated. This menu can be fully customize his or her needs.


With this configuration program, the appearance and behavior of Window Maker can be set. For example, you can define keyboard shortcuts, such as to maximize the active window or to quickly launch a terminal. Also can be simply created using drag and drop the menu.