Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail, formerly Windows Live Mail Desktop is an email client from Microsoft. The program is the successor to Outlook Express for Windows XP or Windows Mail for Windows Vista.

Windows Live Mail was developed by the same team that has Outlook Express and Windows Mail developed from it. The first released version was released in November 2007 and was the version number 12

The program can be installed via the installer of the product line to Windows Live.

Unlike Outlook Express and Windows Mail Windows Live Mail does not support scripting language in more templates. For a calendar is integrated.


Windows Live Mail includes many other features from Windows Mail and the following new features:

  • Windows Live Hotmail can be integrated
  • Connection to Microsoft OneDrive
  • The client has been adapted to the appearance of Windows Live
  • Supports RSS feeds (requires Internet Explorer version 7 advance)
  • Multi -line message lists like in Outlook
  • Emoticons in emails and other functions
  • Spell check
  • A separate folder structure for each e- mail account
  • Changed sending of image files: Using a so-called photo e- mail can be the recipients of the e -mail a variety of photos are provided without affecting the sent e -mails are very large. These small thumbnails are automatically generated and inserted in the e-mail, and at the same time a larger version of each image for 30 days will be uploaded to a Microsoft server. The preview images in the email are linked so that the recipient of the photo e- mail can view and download any or all photos in the larger version. For this purpose, however, a Windows Live account is required.
  • Data acquisition, inter alia, from Outlook Express (Mail inventory, address, account and credentials), so that a lossless migration is possible.
  • The Windows Contacts can be imported into Live Mail 2012 Windows Live Mail 2011, the contacts still directly (without import) use.
  • Support POP3 and POP3 over SSL, and IMAP.