Wing Coaster

The keyhole element of gatekeeper at Cedar Point

A Wing Coaster ( English for " wing coaster " ) is the manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard, in which the passengers in pairs either side of the rail to sit, so there is nothing above and below them a roller coaster type. By Raptor in the Italian Gardaland, the first plant of this type was opened in 2011. Currently seven Wing Coaster are in operation worldwide.


According to statements by Walter Bolliger, co-founder of B & M, the development of the Wing Coasters between the years 2007 and 2008 began. During 2010, the Company announced the prototypes belonging to the Merlin Entertainments Group Gardaland. The "Raptor" baptized complex opened on April 1, 2011. Given the positive experiences, the group took a year later, on 15 March 2012, with The Swarm the world's second Wing Coaster in operation.

The first Wing Coaster in North America was Wild Eagle, which was opened in Dollywood on 24 March 2012. On August 13, Cedar Point announced a Wing Coaster, the terms of length, speed and height should set new records for this roller coaster type. The railway was opened under the name of " gatekeeper " on 11 March 2013. With Flying Over the Rain Forest in Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom in January 2014, the first Wing Coaster gone on Asian soil in operation. The Merlin Entertainments Group has opened on 29 March 2014 with the flight of the demons in the Heide Park Resort the first roller coaster of its kind in Germany.


" Nothing above, nothing below. An unprecedented feeling of freedom. "

"Nothing above, nothing below. An unprecedented feeling of freedom. "

The seating position at a Wing Coaster differs from most roller coasters in the sense that the passengers do not sit above or below the rail, but to the side of her. This seating position due are neither above nor below the passengers any part of the track structure, so that the feeling of " free flight " should pay for the passengers. The cantilever beam, where the seats are fixed, are covered by a matching for addressing the respective web panel. The retention system also differs from many other roller coasters: Instead of a well-known from the Inverted Coastern the manufacturer shoulder strap come, similar to the restraint system of a Flying Coasters, lap bar with a built-in " vest " is used, which extends over the upper body of the passengers. Also build the station there are Special features: Since the seats are located on either side of the rail, the queue must be divided and the left or right of the track will be conducted in two parts.

As a frequent element in Wing Coastern is a so-called " keyhole element " to be found. This is a combination of Head and Foot Chopper, which is realized by a befindliches located around the track object through which the train will only fit almost through. Thus, for the passengers to feel an approaching collision caused.


Similar rides

Even before the development of the Wing Coasters by Bolliger & Mabillard had begun presented Intamin in 2007 a ​​"Wing Rider Coaster " variant called her Launched Coasters with modified traits that were very similar to those of 4th -dimension Coastern and the later Wing Coastern. Now the only roller coaster Furius Baco this type is in Port Aventura. The six rows of four persons which trains will be in 3.5 seconds accelerates from a standstill to 135 km / h.

In addition to the Wing Rider Coaster Intamin also has a Wing Coaster Roller Coaster Type specified in the Portfolio, with the Skyrush debuted in 2012 at Hersheypark. In contrast to the same ride by Bolliger & Mabillard, the passengers are, however, as with many other roller coasters also on the rail. The name derives solely from the fact that among the two inner seats of each row a connection to the vehicle base of the train is, while the two outer ones are connected to the rest of the train by means of a " wing ".

Wing Coaster also have similarities to the developed in the 1990s 4th Dimension Coaster. In contrast to this, the seats of a Wing Coasters not rotate - they are firmly attached to the vehicle. Examples of 4th dimension coaster, X ² at Six Flags Magic Mountain and Eejanaika in Japanese Fuji -Q Highland.