Winston Churchill (novelist)

Winston Churchill ( born November 10, 1871 in St. Louis, Missouri, † March 12, 1947 in Winter Park, Florida ), called " the American," was an American writer. The most successful Churchill was as a novelist, but in addition he has also published essays and poems.


Churchill was the son of Edward Spalding Churchill and his wife Emma Bell Blaine. He attended Smith Academy in Missouri and the United States Naval Academy, graduating in 1894. After that, he was editor of the Army and Navy Journal. He left the U.S. Navy finally, to devote himself entirely to writing can.

1899 moved Churchill to Cornish, New Hampshire. There he operated, whose works mostly had a combative political impetus, henceforth. Than professional politicians 1903 and 1905 he was elected to the parliament of the state, in 1906 even nominated by the Republican Party for the office of governor is not indented to be able to take to the office because he was defeated in the elections. In 1912 he was nominated for the Progressive Party as a candidate for the same office, but was defeated again. In 1917 he toured the battlefields of the First World War and wrote a report about the impressions gained in Europe. During this time, Winston Churchill worked with the then Secretary of State for marine issues in Washington, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as his journalistic voice acted.

1919 Churchill decided, for the time being withdraw from public life in order to keep inner reflection. He took a creative break and withdrew from public life. In 1940 he published his first book The Uncharted Way for over twenty years. The book was a compilation of his thoughts on religion. Churchill died in 1947 in Winter Park. His great-grandson is the journalist Chris Churchill.

Relationship with the British statesman Winston Churchill

Despite the similarity of their pre-and surname is - within the genealogical foreseeable period - no familial connection between the American writer and the famous British statesman and Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. Since the Briton, just like its American namesake literary operated, and ( Macmillan ) published the works of both authors at the time even at the same publishing house, agreed the two around the turn of the century that the Americans publish his works as " Winston Churchill " should, during the Briton would his books with the addition setting his middle name " Spencer " as " Winston S. Churchill " publish. The Erstzugriffsrecht the American to the common nickname arose from its earlier onset of journalistic activity. Both Churchill corresponded occasionally with each other and send each other copies of their works. In 1900, they met each other in Chicago, while Winston S. Churchill stayed on a book tour for his book From London to Ladysmith via Pretoria in the States.


1898 Churchill laid before his first novel, The Celebrity. His second book was Richard Carvel of 1899, which extends over two million copies sold and Churchill made ​​rich. It was followed by The Crisis (1901) and The Crossing ( 1904). During the early works were historical novels, played Churchill's later work in contemporary America.


  • The Celebrity (1898 )
  • Richard Carvel (1899 )
  • The Crisis (1901 )
  • The Crossing (1904 )
  • Coniston (1906 )
  • Mr. Crewe 's Career (1908 )
  • A Modern Chronicle ( 1910)
  • The Inside of the Cup ( 1913)
  • A Far Country (1915 )
  • The Dwelling - Place of Light (1917 )
  • The Uncharted Way ( 1940)