The Witenalpstock is a 3'016 m above sea level. M. high mountain in the Glarus Alps. Over its peak is the boundary of the Swiss cantons of Uri and Graubünden.

The Witenalpstock is located in the southwestern Glarus Alps, located just northeast of 3,328 m above sea level with. M. higher Oberalpstock, south of the Chrüzlipass, forwards a mountain range to the Piz Nair and Piz Giuv from which to west. To the west runs the Etzlital, at the southern end of 2,052 m above sea level. M. Etzlihütte the lies. Further west lies the Bristen. To the south, the Val Strem leads to Sedrun in the Surselva.

The summit was first climbed in 1866 by Uri leader Josef Maria Tresch - Exer along with the Englishman John Sowerby on the northwest ridge.