Wladimir Aïtoff

Vladimir Aitoff (also Vladimir Aitoff; * August 5, 1879 in Paris, † September 6, 1963 ) was a French physician and rugby union player. He was with the French team in 1900 Rugby Olympic champion.

During his medical studies in Paris Aitoff rugby played in the storm of the Racing Club de France. With the club he was in 1900 and 1902 French champion. He also belonged to the selection of the French sports federation USFSA for the rugby tournament at the Summer Olympic Games in 1900, which was with victories against the German and English participants team Olympic champion.

Aitoff was 1903/ 04 student Joseph Babinski. In 1905 he went as physician to the French hospital in the former Russian capital of St. Petersburg and stayed there during the First World War as a member of the French Military Mission in Russia. For his service during the war he was admitted as knight in the Legion of Honor. After the war he continued to work as a doctor and was active against prostitution and alcoholism.

On 15 August 1944 he was abducted by the German occupying forces to Buchenwald and later transferred to the outer bearing Long -Zwieberge where American troops liberated him on April 13, 1945.

His half-sister Irène Aitoff was a successful pianist, his father David Aitoff was a Russian emigrant and known cartographer.


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