WN is an abbreviation for:

  • Southwest Airlines, the IATA code of the U.S. airline
  • Westfälische Nachrichten, daily newspaper in Münster / Westphalia.
  • Wincor Nixdorf, a manufacturer of computers and ATMs
  • Wolfsburg news, daily newspaper in the room Wolfsburg
  • Württemberg branch lines, a former railway undertakings
  • The post code area Wigan ( as the initial letters of a postcode from the UK )

WN as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Rems -Murr -Kreis ( Waiblingen )
  • UK: Bristol
  • Netherlands: Trailer
  • Austria: Wiener Neustadt (City, State Police Lower Austria - Police Commissioner Wiener Neustadt)
  • Poland: Ursynów, Municipality of Warsaw
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