WNP-3 and WNP-5


Set construction ( gross ):

The nuclear power plant Satsop (English Satsop Nuclear Power Plant) should be a nuclear power plant near Satsop in the U.S. state of Washington. The construction, however, was set by financial problems. The power plant is located in the Satsop Development Park.


The Satsop CT Project has been planned in this form since 1974 as part of a project of Washington Public Power Supply System ( WPPSS ). Overall, a budget of $ 24 billion was estimated. You should see five reactors arise. In addition to the Satsop site was also the location Hanford talking. The plan of WPPSS was to build reactor 1, 2 and 4 in Hanford and the reactors 3 and 5 in Satsop.

Construction of the reactors in Satsop was on 1 April 1977. The project was among other 70% of the net project of WPPSS, and the remaining 30 % were among others the energy company Pacific Power & Light, Portland General Electric, Puget Sound Power & Light and Washington Water Power involved. 1980, a new construction manager of the project was discontinued due to new regulations. This had, among other things at the sites still some tests are carried out, which led to unnecessary spending.

In 1982, the new regulations, however, have proven to be quite efficient. The speed of construction of the reactors doubled, so that 2% were in each month instead of only 1% per block now been completed in terms of construction shortened tremendously. This was mainly the project WNP -3, Block 3 in Satsop, a model plant of WPPSS. During the time since the start of construction in 1977 about a quarter of the plant has already been completed. But the financial Lange worsened in 1983 Therefore, only two options were open. Either the construction to stop, or to stop the project completely. It was decided in July 1983 for delaying the construction of the facility for a maximum of three years to WPPSS a sum of 961 million dollars for the continued construction would present. At this time, the nuclear power plant was completed to 85%.

During the freeze, the components were packed in part, the turbines rotate left two times a month and the steam generator regularly cleaned with a gas so that there was no corrosion and the building could be resumed at any time. As construction but after three years still delayed, it was decided only in April 1993 to discontinue the project. On 13 May 1994, a Resulution for setting the project was approved.

In March 1995 WPPSS filed a change of plan. On 12 June 1995, the request was granted. This plan, however, is only intended to preserve the sites, so that no toxins or leak, other long-term environmental damage. On 25 June 1998 WPPSS filed a motion to stop the construction of the reactors and prefer to build a gas turbine ( Satsop Combustion Turbine Project). After surveys in the area were carried out and a letter from the Governor of the State of Washington opposed the construction of a gas turbine, the planning application and the license for the nuclear power plant was finally canceled and set the activities at the site.

Today on the site are only the ruined buildings of the nuclear power plant and two 146 -meter high cooling towers of the two reactors. The nuclear power plant is now at the Satsop Development Park, which was founded in 1995. The other two projects at Hanford were also adjusted. The abandoned construction of WNP -1 and WNP -2 are still standing on the site of the nuclear power plant in Hanford Columbia.

Data of the reactor units