40.752805555556 - 74.104166666667Koordinaten: 40 ° 45 '10 " N, 74 ° 6' 15 " W

WNYC is a non -commercial radio station in New York. He is to receive on medium wave 820 kHz and on FM 93.9 MHz.


The medium wave station broadcast for the first time on July 8, 1924, making it one of the oldest radio stations in the United States. The FM frequency began regular broadcasts on March 13, 1943, 93.9 FM. The transmitter and two transmitters were first in Kent Street in Brooklyn before to Belleville Turnpike in Kearny, New Jersey moved.

The FM and medium-wave stations broadcast at times of a joint program, at times they are apart switched for different programs. WNYC is a member of the NPR network, resulting in the program includes both own productions and broadcasts the network.

In 2011, WNYC has bought four stations in New Jersey ( WNJT FM Trenton, WNJB FM Sussex, WNJY FM Netcong and WNJO FM Toms River) and operates under the brand names New Jersey Public Radio.


WNYC sends focus on information and news talk shows with political, cultural and economic agenda-setting, on the one hand across the U.S. broadcast programs are covered by NPR and secondly, local transmission links are produced for the New York audience. WNYC offers morning and afternoon, the flagship information programs Morning Edition and All Things Considered from NPR, with WNYC temporarily disengages for its regional and local news reports, as is customary for all local NPR stations in the U.S.. While running on the FM version weekdays from 19 clock clock bis 5 E- music programs, the center shaft has a 24 -hour program word.

Flagship programs of the talk program from WNYC are two call-in shows, the listeners the opportunity to give to exchange views with the presenters and guests:

  • The Brian Teacher Show: Mon-Fri 10:00 to 12:00
  • The Leonard Lopate Show: Mon-Fri 12:00 to 14:00

In addition, WNYC produces programs that are distributed by NPR and Public Radio International ( PRI). Among them are:

  • On The Media: reports around the world of media (NPR )
  • Studio 360: Cultural Program (PRI )
  • The Take Away: news program (PRI )

WNYC shines in parts also information programs from the BBC World Service. This is the only information-oriented full program of the region and therefore has no competition. On the part of the commercial radio broadcasting the broadcast area of WNYC from the pure news stations WCBS and WINS is also covered, but the limited exclusively to local news, weather, traffic reports and local sports news in practice, being partially transmitted at 10- minute intervals and the commercial breaks excessive proportions accept (about 20 interruptions per hour).

Furthermore, on the New York market, there are various commercial Newstalk station with especially radically conservative programs such as the Rush Limbaugh show as well - an offshoot of the alternative milieu News Talkers Air America Radio.