The carpet sharks or wobbegongs ( Orectolobidae ) represent a family of sharks; they are close relatives of nurse sharks ( Ginglymostomatidae ) and whale sharks ( Rhincodontidae ).

Wobbegongs are strongly dorsoventrally flattened and usually patterned. To the foot wear membranous lobe and barbels. The nostril is connected to the mouth through the nose pits. Your kittens bring these sharks born alive. They inhabit the shallow waters warm, most of tropical waters and dig there in the muddy sea floor.

Genera and species

The carpet sharks comprise three genera - the richest in species are the genuine carpet sharks ( Orectolobus ) of the terrible Teppichhai or Wobbegong ( Orectolobus maculatus ) and eight other species. The genus is currently in an intensive systematic processing, so that statements about the internal relationships can not be made. With the Western Teppichhai 2006 scientifically described (O. hutchinsi ), the O. described in 2008 floridus and O. parvimaculatus and leptolineatus the Orectolobus 2010 described four new species have been described in recent years, while the observed and described in 1840 as a synonym for ornamental Teppichhai O. halei was redefined in 2006 as an independent species.

The other genera are Eucrossorinus with only one type ( Eucrossorinus dasypogon ) and Sutorectus also with only one type ( Sutorectus tentaculatus ).

  • Eucrossorinus ( Regan, 1908) Fransenteppichhai ( Eucrossorinus dasypogon ( Bleeker, 1867) )
  • Flowers ornament Teppichhai ( Orectolobus floridus Last & Chidlow, 2008)
  • Orectolobus halei Whitley, 1940
  • Western Teppichhai ( Orectolobus hutchinsi load, Chidlow & Compagno, 2006)
  • Japanese Teppichhai ( Orectolobus japonicus ( Regan, 1906) )
  • Orectolobus leptolineatus load Pogonoski & White, 2010
  • Common Teppichhai or Wobbegong ( Orectolobus maculatus ( Bonnaterre, 1788) )
  • Ornament Teppichhai ( Orectolobus ornatus ( De Vis, 1883) )
  • Kleingepunkteter Teppichhai ( Orectolobus parvimaculatus Last & Chidlow, 2008)
  • Northern Teppichhai ( Orectolobus wardi Whitley, 1939)
  • Warts Teppichhai ( Sutorectus tentaculatus (Peters, 1864) )

Hunting behavior

Carpet sharks feed mainly on invertebrates and demersal fish. In individual cases it may happen that a Teppichhai eats other sharks such as a bambooshark.