Woe, Is Me

Woe, Is Me was a Post-Hardcore-/Metalcore-Band founded in 2009 from Georgia / Atlanta.

The group consisted of guitarist Andrew Paiano and Kevin Hanson, keyboardist Ben Ferris (also backing vocals ), vocalists Michael Bohn (ex -A Path Less Traveled ) and Tyler Carter (ex -A Path Less Travelled ), drummer Austin Reed Thornton (ex - Of Machines ) and bassist Cory Ferris. Carter had among others, His Statue Falls, Make Me Famous, Bullet For A Pretty Boy, Hands Like Houses, The Last Word, My Portion and Mat Musto guest appearances. In addition, Carter has also been active as a solo musician. This is pop music and R & B associate. He published with Side to Side his first single. As musical influences include Christina Aguilera, Usher, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.

Woe, Is Me stood at Velocity Records, Rise Records. Their debut album Number (s) reached # 16 U.S. Heatseekers charts ( Billboard ).


The group has toured with groups such as The Amity Affliction from Australia, Sleeping with Sirens and I Set My Friends On Fire by the USA. This was part of The Artery Foundation Across The Nation Tour. On their first tour, which bore the name Pyknic Partery, the group has played with acts such as Drop Dead, Gorgeous, From First to Last, Abandon All Ships, For All Those Sleeping, Sleeping With Sirens, and Attila.

In September 2010, the group released their debut album Number (s). Only a few weeks later, the group coverte the Katy Perry song Hot'n'Cold for the compilation album Punk Goes Pop 3 in November of that year the group toured alongside Motionless in White, Scarlett O'Hara and For All Those Sleeping on the Average Guys with Exceptional Hair Tour in the interlude with A Skylit Drive headlining.

End of December 2010, the group was disbanded by her guitarist Tim Sherrill. The group played on the Vans Warped Tour with a guitarist. In June 2011, the second guitarist Geoffrey Higgins was kicked out of the band. Since then, plays Andrew Paiano, who played in Abandon All Ships, as the new lead guitarist in the band. Higgins was only started in March 2011 Woe, Is Me. On 21 March 2011 her single Fame> Demise appeared in the ITunes Store. The group plans to release their second full length album.

On August 10, 2011 Tyler gave Carter - one of the singers - known, not for Woe, Is Me to sing. He cited the Alternative Press that he wanted to try something new.

From 25 September to 13 October 2011, the group toured together with A Skylit Drive, Sleeping with Sirens and I Set My Friends On Fire by Britain, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Italy. 7 March 2012 left Michael Bohn, bassist Cory Ferris and Ben Ferris keyboardist the band. The That's - Outrageous - members Brian Medley and Doriano Magliano replaced Michael Bohn and Ferris. On September 18, 2013, the Group announced its dissolution.



  • 2010: Number [ s] (Velocity Records / Rise Records )
  • 2012: Genesi [s ] (Velocity Records / Rise Records )


  • 2011: Fame> Demise
  • 2011: Vengeance