Wojciech Jerzy Has

Wojciech Jerzy Has ( born April 1, 1925 in Krakow, † October 3, 2000 in Łódź) was a Polish film director.

Wojciech Has started to study film and painting after the Second World War in Krakow. Initially he specialized in documentary and educational films. Only in 1958 he directed his first feature film. He created films that are now considered classics of Polish cinema and characterize the style of Film School in Łódź today. Among his most famous films include The Saragossa Manuscript afterJan Potocki in 1965 with Zbigniew Cybulski and The Sanatorium Ad from 1973 by Bruno Schulz, and the doll from 1969 by Boleslaw Prus.

Has has shaped the Polish scene, especially through his teaching skills and influence on young directors who have completed the Film School in Łódź.