Wolfgang Ehrl

Wolfgang Ehrl ( born March 4, 1912 in Munich, † June 11, 1980 ibid ), called " Bubi ", was one of the most successful wrestler in the spring and light weight class, his successes in both styles ( freestyle and Greco-Roman style ) won.


Wolfgang Ehrl was already with 20 years of Germany's best wrestlers in the featherweight and later in the lightweight class. He was in two styles, Greco- Roman and freestyle, successfully. He was a member of the Munich Sports Association ( MSV ). By profession, Wolfgang Ehrl was a butcher. At the international mat he was from 1932 to 1936 for Germany constantly in use. After 1936, he was indeed used more so in many countries fighting, but at no international championships before the start of the Second World War. However, in free style no European Championships were held in 1938. After the Second World War, Wolfgang Ehrl still one of the best wrestlers in the German lightweight. He started in 1951 with 39 years even once in the World Cup in free style in Helsinki and finished there an honorable 5th place.

1952 forced economic reasons Wolfgang Ehrl convert to professional wrestlers. For this job he was actually too easy, but was able to achieve some success because of its outstanding technical skills anyway. After ending his professional career Wolfgang Ehrl lived in Munich and came to prominence as coach of the offspring at MSV Munich-East deserves.

International success

The fighting, which Ehrl in his long career with Lauri Koskela, Finland, Aarne cleaning, Finland, Kustaa Pihlajamäki, Finland, Károly Karpati, Hungary and the German Eduard Sperling, Dortmund, Fritz Weikart, Horde, Heinrich Schwarzkopf, Koblenz, Heinrich Nettesheim, Cologne, Sebastian Hering, Munich and Fritz Schaefer, Ludwigshafen delivered, were always highlight of any event because Ehrl always struggled offensively and ballsy.

German Championships


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