Wolfgang Kaim

Wolfgang Kaim ( born May 13, 1951 in Bad Vilbel, Hesse ) is a German chemist and professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Stuttgart.

Life and work

Wolfgang Kaim studied chemistry and physics at the University of Frankfurt and the University of Konstanz in 1974 where he obtained his diploma at Ewald Daltrozzo. After graduation with Hans Bock at the University of Frankfurt (1978) and Habilitation age of 31 (1982), ibid, he is since 1987 full professor of chemistry at the University of Stuttgart.

Liebig, Winnacker and Heisenberg Fellowship supported his career and made ​​it possible, among other things 1978/79 a postdoctoral research stay at FA Cotton at Texas A & M University in College Station, Texas.

Kaim is a visiting professor at several foreign universities. So at Northern Illinois University ( USA), Sun Yat- sen University in Guangzhou (China), the Universidad de Chile in Santiago (Chile ), the Universidad de Concepción (Chile ) and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay ( India).

His scholarly work includes over 600 publications prominently the investigation of organometallic coordination compounds with biochemical relevance devote. Kaim has supported more than 55 doctorates and three postdoctoral thesis.

For 2014, it the Alfred Stock Memorial Prize of the German Chemical Society has been awarded.

Writings (selection )

  • Together with Brigitte Schwederski he has also translated into English, award-winning textbook bioinorganic chemistry. Written for the function of chemical elements in life processes.