Wolfgang Mager

Wolfgang Mager ( born August 24, 1952 in Kamenz ) is a former rower from the GDR. He won two Olympic gold medals.

Skimmed grew up in Reichenbach. 1967 was skimmed to a group of 123 young people who responded to the call of Heinz cross- Man in Christmas broadcast Between breakfast and roast goose, where tall children were asked to report to the rudder section in Leipzig. The SC DHfK Leipzig 25 talents have been selected and trained. Skimmed won with the also about the program selected Siegfried Brietzke and the helmsman Werner Lehmann in 1970 at Spartakiade and at the Youth World Championships. At the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972 Brietzke and skimmed won the coxless pairs with nearly four seconds ahead of the boat from Switzerland. In 1973, the two East German champion, but the two only occupied the fourth place in the European Championships. Then they exchanged in the coxless four. From 1974, the Leipzig four dominated the occupation Siegfried Brietzke, Andreas Decker, Stefan Semmler and Wolfgang skimmed this class of boat. 1974 in Lucerne and 1975 in Nottingham, the four rowers were world champions, 1976 Montreal Olympic champion. 1977 in Amsterdam and 1979 in Bled, the boat was world champion again, only in 1978 in New Zealand succumbed to the Soviet boat and won silver. In the Olympic season 1980 skimmed injured his hand and was represented by Jürgen Thiele, without skimmed the boat was the second time Olympic champion.

After his career, the graduate sports teacher skimmed worked as a sports teacher at the military school of the air forces of the GDR Kamenz.

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