Wolfgang Wodarg

Wolfgang Wodarg ( born March 2, 1947 in Itzehoe ) is a German politician ( SPD).

Education and work

After graduation in 1966 Wodarg graduated in medicine in Berlin and Hamburg. In 1973, he received his license as a physician. 1974 saw his MD thesis at the University of Hamburg with the work " Mental diseases of seafarers - study of suicide, alcoholism, and other major psychiatric disorders ." Then Wodarg worked as a ship's doctor and, after a research trip to South America, as a port physician in Hamburg. From 1983 to 1994 he worked as a medical officer in Flensburg. During this time he was, inter alia, Supervisor of Gert Postel. Wodarg is a lecturer at the University of Flensburg.


Wodarg is a member of the SPD since 1988. From 1992 to 2002 he was a member of the board of the SPD district association Schleswig -Flensburg. From 19 November 2005 to 1 December 2007 Wodarg was chairman of the SPD district association Flensburg.

After Wodarg belonged since 1990 to the National Executive Board of the Association of Social Democrats in health care, he was here in 1994 elected Deputy National Chairman and 2002 as Chairman of the Federal Committee.

Wodarg also appeared as an opponent of vaccination against swine flu.

Member of Parliament

From 1986 to 1998 Wodarg belonged to the council of his hometown Nieby.

From 1994 to 2009 he was a member of the German Bundestag. Here Wodarg from 2003 to 2005 Chairman of the SPD Parliamentary Group in the Commission of Inquiry Law and Ethics of Modern Medicine and spokesman for issues of minorities in the German -Danish border region.

Wolfgang Wodarg is then always 1994 on the state list of Schleswig- Holstein and as a directly elected representative of the constituency Flensburg - Schleswig drafted in the Bundestag. In the 2009 federal election he was defeated in the constituency his opponent, so that he no longer belongs to the 17th German Bundestag.

Since 1999 Wodarg is also a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council. Since 2002 he has there vice chairman of the Socialist Group and since 2006 also spokesman of the German Social Democrats and Deputy Head of the German delegation.

On June 18, 2009 was one of three Wodarg SPD deputies who voted in parliament against the controversial Access Impediment Act of the grand coalition.

Social commitment

Wolfgang Wodarg is:

  • Member of the Federal Executive Board of ASG Working Group of the Social Democrats in the health
  • Co-founder and member of the Board of Trustees of the ISM Institute Solidary Modern
  • The board of Transparency International Germany


  • Honorary Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council