Wolfgang Ziffer

Wolfgang digit ( born October 26, 1940 in Wuppertal ) is a German voice actor and actor. In addition, he has worked as a dubbing director and dialogue author.


Wolfgang digit is rarely seen in film and television, so his tall, striking voice has a greater level of awareness. So he put them more frequently and for the synchronization of animated films. He said, for example, Roger Rabbit, Calimero, the raven Rocco in the radio play Xanti, the raven Gulliver in the television series Benjamin the elephant or the parrot Iago in Aladdin. He frequently speaks robots, such as number five lives in number 5, VINCENT. in the black hole or C3PO in Star Wars Episode 1 to 3 and The Clone Wars. He also said Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

In the television series Riptide he lent his voice Thom Bray, further he dubbed even Michael Keaton, Terry Jones and William Wise. He also lent his voice Corporal Peter Newkirk in the U.S. series Hogan's Heroes.

Wolfgang point now lives in Berlin and was married to his fellow actress Edeltraut Elsner. Their daughter Julia digit is also a voice actor.