Wollert Konow (Prime Minister of Norway)

Wollert Konow ( born August 16, 1845 in Stend ( Fana, now one of Bergen), † March 15, 1924 ibid ), a Norwegian politician of Venstre and later the Liberal Left Party ( Venstre Frisinnede ) and Prime Minister ( statsminister ).


The grandson of the Danish poet Adam Oehlenschläger grew up on a farm and graduated from in 1865 to study law, but he did not graduate. Instead, he was from 1868 to 1872 director of the Community College of Halsnøy ( Sunnhordland ), before he in 1873 took over the administration of his father's estate.

His political career began as the candidate of Venstre 1877, the first election for members of the Storting, in which he initially to 1879 represented the interests of the Amtszbezirks Sondre Bergenhus. Between 1880 and 1888 he was back for three legislatures, again a Member of the Storting and as such from 1884 to 1887 President of the Odelsting and then in 1888 President of the Storting. In addition, he was mostly 1880-1901 also mayor Fana. From 1897 to 1899 he was again a Member of the Storting. In 1899, he was also a Norwegian delegate to the Hague Peace Conference. After more than a decade out of politics, he was elected in 1909 for the newly-formed Liberal Left Party ( Venstre Frisinnede ) back to the Members of the Storting. For a short time he was again first President of the Storting.

Immediately afterwards Konow was suffered a crushing defeat on 2 February 1910 as a successor of Gunnar Knudsen, whose Venstre, Prime Minister and formed a coalition government of the Liberal Left Party and right-wing party. At the same time took over the management of the Budget Ministry Konow ( revisjonsdepartementet ) and briefly the Ministry of Agriculture. One of the main themes of his tenure was the national language debate ( målsaken ) is a Norwegian written language through culture organization Noregs Ungdomslag. The language debate was one of the reasons for the following government crisis that led to the resignation of Konows government on 20 February 1912. The Chairman of the Conservative Party Høyre, Jens Bratlie, his new government was formed, however, together with the Liberals.

13 June 1913 to 21 August 1922, he was Vice member of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee as a representative of Francis Hagerup, before August 21, 1922, a member of this committee then until his death.

To distinguish his eponymous Cousins ​​Wollert Konow (1847-1932), who was also a Member of Parliament and Minister of Agriculture, he was in the parliamentary life the additional name Sondre Bergenhus ( SB), after an administrative district in his constituency Hordaland, while his cousin was given the additional name Hedmark.


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