Wood (golf)

The driver is in golf, a golf club that is used to tee off on longer holes. Sometimes it is also called wood 1. The driver is therefore a special timber.

With this bat the largest size can be achieved, the trajectory is relatively flat due to the low loft of about 7 ° to 15 ° (depending on the skill of the player ).

Externally, the Driver is easily recognizable due to the huge volume of the club head. The current maximum volume is 460 cc. Traditionally, Driver heads of persimmon wood. In the 1980s, the first models of metal came on, so-called "Metal Woods ". Modern models consist of a mix of materials, including those from the light metal titanium.

A common length of the shaft is 45 inches, which is about 1.14 meters. This is the Driver of the longest bat. Due to the materials used for the clubhead it is much lighter than the shorter irons bat.

Regulations for the construction and design of golf clubs are defined in the official rules of golf in Annex II " form of thugs ".

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