Woodstock (Film)

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Woodstock is the title of a documentary about the Woodstock Festival. About 20 cameramen created at the festival over 100 hours of color footage. From this material, a three-hour film was cut in widescreen. Noteworthy is the split-screen technique, which in some cases up to three perspectives were mounted side by side.

After the actual festival was a financial disaster, the film played the first 5 million dollars within just 18 weeks.

Woodstock - 3 Days of Peace & Music

In substantive terms, the film is a mix of performances of musicians and a documentary with many interviews dar.

* ) Opening or closing credits (no stage appearance ) ** ) Is not included in the original version, but only in the Director's Cut


The Norwegian band Titanic with the British singer Roy Robinson was established by the film company to promote the film to the French Mediterranean beaches.

Parts of the footage are not used in 1990 under the title Woodstock - published The Lost Performances.

In 1996, inclusion in the " National Film Registry " at the Library of Congress ( USA) to be particularly worthy of preservation film.


" The monumental event was just like the movie and the soundtrack to the symbol of a self-conscious counterculture, which had at that time, however, already passed its peak. As a musical and historical document thrilling and extremely revealing, although the German synchronization as miserable as superfluous significantly affects the atmospheric density. "


  • Oscar for Bob Maurice ( Best Documentary )
  • Oscar nomination for Thelma Schoonmaker ( Best Editing )