The Wordium is the average chronostratigraphic stage (or geochronologisches age ) of Mittelperm or Guadalupium series. The stage covers the period from about 268.8 million years ago to 265.1 million years. The Wordium following the Roadium and is superimposed on Capitanium.

Naming and history

The Wordium was first described by Johan August Udden, inter alia, 1916 ceased to be a stratigraphic unit. It is named after the word - formation. In 1961, Brian F. Glenister and Furnish, William Madison the Wordium defined as chronostratigraphic sub- stage of their, at that time regional stage of Guadalupiums. 2001 Wordium was ratified as a global chronostratigraphic stage of the IUGS ​​.

Definition and GSSP

The base of Wordiums is defined by the first appearance of the conodont species Jinogondolella aserrata. The end of the stage is marked by the first appearance of the conodont postserrata Type Jinogondolella. The reference profile of the GSSP Wordiums is Getawy Ledge in the Guadalupe Mountains in Texas, USA.


The Wordium corresponds to the total Jinogondolella aserrata - Conodontenbiozone. The fusulinids allow a subdivision into two biozones:

  • Afganella tereshkovae
  • Neoschwagerina tenuis


In Central Europe the Wordium is contained in the upper part of the lithostratigraphic unit of the Permian. Here it corresponds to a part of the regional level of Saxonium. In Russia, the regional stage of the Urzhumium about the same age as the Wordium. In the Tethysbereich Wordium corresponds to the lower part of the regional Murgabium stage.