The workplace is that place in service, an administration or an organization to which a salaried employee performs its due in the course of employment activity. The employment contract underlying may also agreeing to a certain place of work ( for example these are a community, a city, a solitary farm, etc.).

As a work of the place, the company or the position is colloquially referred to which a worker in a social insurance ( also slightly concerned or as a job creation scheme funded ) activity is busy. The self-employment is not commonly referred to as "My Computer".

A workplace refers always to a job in full-time or part -time employment with full social security obligations. An internship is not commonly referred to as work, but as an internship, even if a social obligation.

The working area is at home, a case of homework may be present.


Ff BGB service agreements are to work under § § 611 under the conditions of ( verbally ) concluded employment contract

  • Scope and quality of work to be performed,
  • Working hours,
  • As well as wage and social benefits of the employer


The work itself, the length of the path to work, the work atmosphere, the labor remuneration and the specific needs and development opportunities within the company greatly determine the attractiveness of a professional activity.


For the design of the workplace is responsible in general the employer. For office activities including a room, a desk and chair, storage space, technical infrastructure, such as a (network) computer, equipment, etc. Technical jobs are located in workshops, factories, hangars, machine rooms, etc., and require the use of machinery and tools. Jobs may also be located outdoors or outside of business premises, such as construction sites of construction companies, changes in work or in field operations ( fire, police, emergency services, craftsmen, mechanics or field service employees).

A well designed workplace

  • Allows work without having to walk or lay time / loss of travel
  • Does not impede the flow of work and promotes the employee's performance
  • Considered body measurements and movements and the relevant provisions of OSH.

A new employee is usually instructed verbally in the workplace and to be satisfied in addition to work instructions or job descriptions on the specific steps required in its place. You may emanating from the workplace physical and mental health burdens must be described in the context of holistic health at work into a risk assessment is the basis for the measure prescribed by the Employment Protection Act training employees. The OSH Act gives the employer here a broad discretion in its design in companies these agencies are obliged to co-determination with employee representatives.

The term work does not necessarily lead to a conclusion about the place or the fundamental nature of the workplace. By sensibly ( among other performance enhancing ) work design to address the areas of science of ergonomics and work -study.

The German Federal Labour Court decided on 19 January 1999 in a landmark judgment that smoking is prohibited by the employer for his premises is lawful.

The Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Semler leaves in his Semco management system, the employee fully customize their own jobs in the office and workshops, coupled with a far-reaching democratization of work.

Job protection

  • Who is called to military service or reserve training, retains his job and suffers in accordance with the provisions of the Workplace Protection Act no disadvantage. The same applies to the civil service.
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace is prohibited by the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG ) and 174 ff StGB may be punished according to § §.
  • For job-sharing ( job-sharing ) a termination by the employer on the occasion of the departure of the partner is ineffective.

Change of job

The modern economy requires the elimination of traditional occupations, rationalizations, relocations abroad, mergers and acquisitions often than before the readiness to change of location. If this happens within the same (Group) Company, the employer must replace necessary moving expenses.

For relocation within the same location or trouble accessibility of the new location for public transport, a new workplace can also result. This change of job the employee is reasonable.


The more concrete a work is described in the employment contract, the harder it is to put the employee in the way of an arrangement. A closed transfer of title in the contract entitling the employer as part of its management right at any time to enable the employees to other offices or branches. Missions abroad must be expressly agreed, often by a separate secondment.

Transfers to other work are agreed upon in the public service regularly in the employment contract. For private employers an existing council must approve a transfer.

Job loss

To job loss occurs by way of dismissal by the employer:

  • In people -related cause ( about permanent illness of the employee, driver's license loss in a professional driver )
  • In behavioral cause ( for example, failure like permanent tardiness, drinking at work, exerting a secondary activity during a sick leave period, the refusal of work, Internet surfing or operationally forbidden because of criminal misconduct of the employee, criminal activities such as theft or embezzlement )
  • For operational reasons (such as loss of a job due to lack of work or discontinuance of a product line, closing part of a business or a location ).

Job security

Job security as security against loss of employment is described as an essential basic need of the job owner. Job security, especially in a safe and permanent employment relationship, offering both securing the material basis of life as well as social contacts, development and social recognition. Job security come to a growing importance that that is true, even after the Shell Youth Study 2010, for most young workers.