World Airways

World Airways was an American charter airline for passengers and cargo, based in Peachtree City and based on the Oakland Airport.


World Airways, founded in 1948 by Benjamin Pepper. With a Boeing 314 flying boat is launched from charter flights from the U.S. East Coast. A year later the purchase of two Curtiss C- 46th 1950 Edward Daly was principal owner of the company and led them in the next few years to one of the large and well-known charter companies. First, he procured aircraft of the type Douglas DC- fourth In 1951 there was the first mission of the U.S. government; he was the basis for the - until now important for the airline - U.S. government orders. World Airways bought or leased in the aftermath Douglas DC-6 and Lockheed Constellation in 1049. Starting in 1960, took over World Airways more and more government jobs.

World Airways received as early as 1963, the first Boeing 707 with this regular flights to and from Europe were introduced, as well as flights to the Caribbean and South America. Later, the Boeing 727 was purchased. In the early 1970s came the Douglas DC-8 added to the fleet. With the Boeing 747, one of which had a total of three World pieces, were from May 1973 by Oakland, California, taken from scheduled flights to London. At the same DC-10 were procured.

During the Vietnam War World Airways had a key position for transporting troops of the U.S. army and their equipment from the U.S. to Vietnam and back.

The line business was expanded with the introduction of the DC-10 on. The routes Hawaii - Los Angeles -Baltimore - London - Frankfurt for many years the cheapest flights to these destinations. 1988, drew World Airways - after restructuring - from the line of business abruptly back. In future World flew only charter flights.

In 1994, Malaysian Helicopter about 25 % of the capital and invested in the company.

From 1993 onwards, passengers can also flew back line moderately to Israel. Also, one led again increasing charter flights to own flight plans through, such as the UK and other European destinations. However, these flights were discontinued after the summer season in 1996 with the intention to continue to take only ad hoc charter and cargo flights.

During the second Gulf War, in which World Airways again transacted many troop transport, the airline was - due to the profitable business with the military - being able to procure several aircraft of type MD -11. For the troops and equipment flights between North America and the Middle East in addition to the Ramstein Air Base and the airport Shannon used the airport Leipzig / Halle World. Civilian airlines, such as World Airways, which operate for the U.S. Department of Defense, generally use the callsign " Camber " ( CMB).

In April 2007, bought New ATA Holdings (now Global Aero Logistics ) of the World Air Holdings all North American airlines, including the North American Airlines and World Airways from to expand globally.

In spring 2011, was retired after 30 years of operating this type of aircraft the last McDonnell Douglas DC-10 from World Airways.

As part of the bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of the parent company Global Aviation Holdings, the fleet of World Airways was halved to April 2012 for a restructuring from 20 to 10 aircraft. However, as early as November 2013, both companies had to re- apply for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In the course of World Airways also reduced its fleet from eight to three machines in the meantime.

On March 27, 2014 World Airways announced the immediate cessation of all their operations for economic reasons.


World Airways offered last no scheduled flights. The main business of the company was. As a service for the U.S. Army, but there were also global private cargo and passenger flights as a charter carried out on behalf of other airlines such as Air Canada, Sonair, Cargolux Airlines or UPS


As of December 2013, the fleet consisted of four World Airways aircraft with an average age of about 21 years:

  • 2 McDonnell Douglas MD -11