World Cup of Pool

The World Cup of Pool will be held by the organizers Matchroom Sport every year since 2006 in the pool to pool, 9- ball. It is a Nations tournament, in which each participating country is represented by a team of two players. The venue was at the first edition of Newport, Wales, and moved in 2007 to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. From 2009 to 2012 Manila was the venue. 2013 was held the World Cup of Pool in London. Main sponsor of the tournament is


At the previous tournaments each 32 teams from 31 countries participated ( 2006, England, two teams; 2007 & 2008, the Netherlands and the Philippines since 2009 - each as host nation ).

Doubles mode will be played in Scotch with winner break. This means that the team will kick off right that the previous game won.

Since 2007 is played through to the quarter-finals until a team has eight games (racks ) won in the semifinals, the number of wins needed was increased to nine in the final and eventually to eleven. 2006, however, was played at the semi-finals and the finals to nine to thirteen.

Furthermore, a so-called shot clock used, which the players are not allowed more than 40 seconds to wait with her butt. However, it has once per rack the opportunity to announce an extension through which you can once again get 40 seconds more time for the shock.

The World Cup of Pool 2013 was held at the York Hall in London. First time in years Pool ( Sport 1 ) was again live on German television transmitted, commented by the federal trainer pool Andreas Huber.


A total of U.S. $ 250,000 will be distributed. The following information refers to the team, not the individual players.

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