World Dressage Masters

The World Dressage Masters - abbreviated WDM - is a discharged since 2009 international tournament series in dressage. All tournaments in the series are as CDI 5 *, the most severe category tournament in dressage, advertised. Main sponsors of the series are the Axel Johnson Group, Exquis, the Austrian producer Horsebox horseboxes Austria and the Nuremberg Insurance Group.

And development stages of the tournament series

Mid-June 2008 it was announced that from 2009, a new series would be created in dressage at the international show jumping and dressage equestrian event in Cannes ( CSI 5 * 5 * / CDI). For this purpose, the following tournaments in 2009 were provided, all of which were advertised as CDI 5 * Wellington ( Florida), Salzburg, Munich -Riem and Hickstead. The tournament in Salzburg was replaced due to construction work at the Salzburg Residence Square (planned venue ) and due to financing problems through the tournament in Cannes as a stage of the World Dressage Masters. In the final 2009/10 in Munich- Riem was announced that from 2010 Falsterbo is also part of the World Dressage Masters.

In 2011, the U.S. event moved within the Palm Beach County the venue, the stage in Cannes in mid-June at the " Cannes Jumping International " was canceled. The prize distribution was in favor of the Grand Prix Freestyle amended in 2011. The dressage show in Hickstead fell out in 2012, with Mechelen was first indoor tournament as a tournament score to the series added. The tournament takes place in Hickstead, 2013 again, but is now no longer part of the World Dressage Masters, but the new dressage Nations Cup series.

This results in the following tournament calendar for the World Dressage Masters:

  • CDI 5 * " Falsterbo Horse Show", Falsterbo Sweden - mid July
  • CDI 5 * " Vlaanderens Kerst Jumping - Jumping Mechelen ", Belgium Mechelen - end of December
  • CDI 5 * "World Dressage Masters Palm Beach", United States Palm Beach County - Mid-March
  • Final Rider Ranking: CDI 5 * "Horse International," Germany Munich -Riem - Ascension Day

The goals of the tournament series professional sports, media effectiveness and the internationalization of dressage are sought. Each leg of the World Dressage Masters is worth 100,000 €, broken down as follows:

  • Grand Prix: € 10,000, all participants of the CDI 5 * take part in this test
  • Grand Prix Spécial: € 20,000 ( previously € 30,000 ), the B-final, will take place on the penultimate day of the tournament
  • Grand Prix Freestyle: 70.000 € ( previously € 60,000 ), the A-final, will take place on the last day of the tournament

Participants who have successfully completed the Grand Prix can decide whether they want to participate in the Grand Prix Freestyle Spécial or the Grand Prix. The number of participants of the Grand Prix Freestyle is limited to six or eight participants who placed first and foremost in the Grand Prix participants will be given preference in the election.


One year after announcing the tournament series was announced a new partnership in Cannes: the Nuremberg group was one of the main sponsors of the World Dressage Masters, at the same time a total score for the World Dressage Masters has started. Here, Cannes is the first station, Munich is the final of the World Dressage Masters.

A summary score, which is worth 25,000 €, calculated on the basis of world ranking points that were awarded during the World Dressage Masters tournaments. The world ranking points awarded in Grand Prix, Grand Prix Spécial and Grand Prix Freestyle will be multiplied by a factor of 1.5 and are included in the overall standings. In final, a factor of 2.0 is used differently.

Ratings of the previous World Dressage Masters seasons ( final results )


The Grand Prix Freestyle of the WDM Rider Ranking Final 2009/2010 in Munich as well as the rest of the Series in 2010 were each in a half-hour summary ( after deduction of advertising 15 to 20 minutes of airtime ) to one of the following Saturdays at sport1 transferred. The tests were also mostly, broadcast live from the German IPTV station ClipMyHorse, who also presented the commentators of Sport1 and archived.

As of early 2011 took over Euro Sport transferring the series. It will be shown around half-hour recordings of freestyles in the Wednesday evening program.