World Firefighters Games

Toughest Firefighter Alive ( TFA; German: Hardest living Fireman) is a competition for firefighters, which will be held at national, European and international level. The competition was originally developed in the United States and is considered the Ironman competition the fire department. The competition will be conducted for men in six different age groups, for women, there is a separate class. The European excretion is carried out in the Elisabeth Hospital in Mönchengladbach, the World Championship was held in Liverpool in 2008.


The competition is divided into several disciplines that are modeled on the requirements for fire fighting operation. The tasks to be performed usually in typical firefighting equipment.

Pull hose

When hose pulling two 80-meter B- hoses are pull out of about 17 kg, and then roll up 2 single B- hoses.

Hammerbox and weights

In a Hammerbox 100 beats are to be made with a sledgehammer. After a 20 -kg canister must be drawn through a tube. Finally a 90 kg weight to carry 100 yards.

Scaling ladder

Two ladders are created and two canisters are carried in the second floor. After two B hoses are able to go up and then down the canisters are gather again. This exercise is carried out in full suit with breathing apparatus.

Floor running

When running floor 15 floors are to cope with about 17 kg equipment. This exercise is carried out with SCBA. The 15 stories will be dealt with by some participants in a period of less than two minutes.

The maximum time for each task is in the men's category four minutes, with the women five minutes. Non-compliance with or deviations from tasks the participants penalty minutes are written. The winner is the competitor with the lowest total time.