World Hockey Association

The World Hockey Association was a hockey league in North America that existed from 1972 to 1979. Similar to the American Basketball Association in basketball, with whom she also had in common the managerial staff, they owed ​​their success to their aggressive penetration into the markets of the National Hockey League, its innovative methods and their liberal policy player. While the NHL is primarily focused on North American players, the WHA also the Europeans opened the door. Also Player changes have been made ​​much easier. Many sizes of hockey played in the WHA, including Bobby Hull, Gordie Howe, Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, JC Tremblay, Gerry Cheevers and Bernie Parent. Among the innovations of the WHA included ( for that time ) "loud " play clothes, a healthy level of physical aggression and in the 90 taken up by the NHL Puck with the chip, which should be easier to see on television. In 1979, the League was financially in the end. Four of the six teams competed in the NHL: the Edmonton Oilers, the New England Whalers ( Hartford Whalers as ), the Quebec Nordiques and the Winnipeg Jets. The Birmingham Bulls and Cincinnati Stingers were paid the compensation.

Teams in the WHA

The remaining teams

With the Edmonton Oilers, Quebec Nordiques to the Winnipeg Jets and the New England Whalers occurred in four WHA teams in the NHL. The New England Whalers started in her first season as the Hartford Whalers. The teams were able to fairly quickly gain a foothold. So the Edmonton Oilers won their first Stanley Cup in 1984 and were still four more to come until 1990. 1995 attracted the Quebec Nordiques to Denver and played from now on as Colorado Avalanche. 1996 was followed by the Winnipeg Jets the example and became the Phoenix Coyotes. In the Hartford Whalers in 1997 it came to moving to North Carolina and renamed the Carolina Hurricanes. Only the Edmonton Oilers are from the former WHA teams were still in their old hometown. With the Colorado Avalanche succeeded the second WHA team to win the Stanley Cup. And in 2006 there was a premiere, as with the Edmonton Oilers and the Carolina Hurricanes two teams in the WHA in the Stanley Cup final clashed. The Hurricanes were able to win the final as well.

In 1994, the Houston Aeros were reestablished, the first play in the IHL and, since those resolution since 2001 /02 in the AHL. The current team has nothing to do with the team of the WHA. The choice of name is intended as a tribute to two-time winner of the WHA championship.

Avco World Trophy

The master of the WHA were named after the Avco Avco World Trophy Group. The winners were:

Awards and Trophies

Overall, the WHA awarded during the season nine trophies for teams, players and coaches. They never acquired the importance of trophies, which are awarded in the National Hockey League, the great rivals of the WHA.

  • Winners of the WHA Playoffs
  • Winnipeg Jets ( 3)
  • Houston Aeros ( 2)
  • Most valuable player of the regular season
  • Bobby Hull ( 2)
  • Marc Tardif ( 2)
  • From 1972 to 1975 as Gary L. Davison Award
  • Best scorer of the regular season
  • Réal Cloutier ( 2)
  • André Lacroix ( 2)
  • Marc Tardif ( 2)
  • Best Rookie of the regular season
  • Twice each received player of the Winnipeg Jets and New England Whalers award
  • Best goalkeepers in the regular season
  • Best defender of the regular season
  • JC Tremblay ( 2)
  • Fairest player in the regular season
  • Best coach of the season
  • Dineen bill (2)
  • Renamed in 1975 in Robert Schmertz Memorial Trophy
  • Most valuable player of the WHA Playoffs
  • Three of the five awards won player of the Winnipeg Jets