World Pool-Billiard Association

The World Pool - Billiard Association ( WPA short ) is the world governing body for all areas of pool billiards. The Association, founded in 1987 is subject to the World Confederation of Billiard Sports, the umbrella organization for all areas of the billiard sport.

The EPA publishes official rules and directed several world championships. The longest tradition thereof has the World Cup 9-Ball, which is held annually since 1990.


The following associations are subject to the EPA:


The current committee consists of the following members:

  • President: Ian Anderson ( Australia)
  • Vice President & Director of Sport: Thomas Overbeck ( Germany )
  • Treasurer: Gre Leenders (Netherlands)
  • Members: Fran Crimi (United States), Ronnie Chua (Singapore ), Andy Chang (China Republic), Jerry Forsyth (United States), Jorge Araneda (Guatemala)
  • Honorary Member of the Board: Tu Yung- Hui (China Republic)