World Pool Masters Tournament

The World Pool Masters is organizing a yearly snooker tournament in the 9-ball competition. It first took place in 1993 in Plymouth, England and moved several times since the venue.

Record winner Ralf Souquet is the German, who has already won six times for the tournament. Current title holder is the Dutchman Niels Feijen.


Rules until 2009

By 2009 it was at the World Pool Masters is a pure invitation tournament in which 16 Pool player (and occasionally even snooker players ) were nominated by the organizer. This then played in the knockout system against each other.

Rules since 2010

For 2010, the number of participants was expanded to 64. The courts have now been awarded in part by referrals and partly through qualification tournaments.

First, the field was reduced in the double knock-out system to 32. This means: After the first game, the players were divided into winners and losers bracket round. Who was in the winning round, just had to have in a game against another player, who won in the first round by set to enter the final round. In the losers bracket, you had to first, however, against another player, who had lost in the first game, and then win against a claim losers of the winning round.

Although this system is relatively complicated, it guarantees every player to be able to lose a game in the preliminary round without having to resign immediately from the tournament. The second game lost in the first round lead, however, in any case, to withdraw from the tournament.

The 32 field then played back in the " regular " knockout system until the final.

Tournament History