World record

A world record indicates the highest figure ever reached power in a particular discipline, especially in sports. World records can only be determined if the performance assessment results in a quantifiable physical quantity such as a time, a route, or a rate is based.

In derived meaning, the term is also used for global records in other sectors, such as technology and nature. A collection of records of all kinds is performed in the Guinness Book of World Records. For the recognition of such records has its own criteria that have been established by the editors of the book.

World records in sport


A sporty world record must be achieved in order to be recognized under the provisions of the relevant international sports federation according to prescribed criteria. These usually contain specific requirements regarding competition venue and outdoor conditions ( esp. with respect to the wind speed and temperature) for the used sports equipment as well as for determining the match result ( esp. relating to the timing, the occupation of the struggle Court ). In most sports is also a doping control after the race condition for recognition. In many cases, only records are recognized, which has been made in official international competitions. Best performance, do not meet these criteria will not be included in the official lists.

Another form of recognition of world records, for example, practiced in sailing. The responsible authority is the World Sailing Speed ​​Record Council ( WSSRC ), a body that was originally founded to organize sailing competitions. It is formally an independent economy end non-profit organization under UK law, which is part of the International Sailing Federation International Sailing Federation. There, world record attempts must be booked in advance and will charge you. The amount of the registration fee depends on the type of the desired record. It ranges from a few hundred pounds sterling per diem up to several thousand pounds monthly fee plus travel and other expenses of observers from the WSSRC or where unobservable record types a test package. For example, for an attempt at a course record across the Atlantic a registration fee of £ 946 (as of April 2011) and for each repeat experiment after an abortion again £ 710 payable in advance. The recognition of a successful attempt and the entry in the record list costs another £ 474, the issuance and delivery of a certificate will cost extra again.

In addition to international sports federations also provide business enterprises, organize, market or sell the rights to the sporting events, lists of world records together. These companies are based mostly on UK law, British sports and understanding record (record as possibly sorted collection remarkable similar events after more or less curious defined rules and criteria). Examples are the FIA (eg Formula 1), ATP ( tennis), the World Professional Billiards & Snooker Association or the American National Hockey League ( ice hockey), Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association, the company's internal bests lack of comparability explain directly to world records.


If it turns out that a record of unfair means ( doping, fraud, etc.) has been achieved, it will be deleted from the list of records. Also, the record list is updated when a sports machine is changed. Thus, the focus of the spear in the javelin of more frequent was changed because there was a danger that the old spear could fly too far. The record list was started back on it again, the previous records lost their validity.

In some sports it was also discussed doping suspicious world records (for example, a number of swimming world records from the 1980s ) generally be removed from the official list.


In some professional competition series will be the organizer of World Records advertised special bonuses, such as in athletics. The athlete or the team that has scored the world record is called a world record holder.

The best performance of a competitive season (which does not coincide with the calendar year) is called Weltjahresbestleistung.

Waiver lists

In some sports there is because of the highly variable conditions no official world records, for example, although the fastest times to be determined. This usually relates to the so-called outdoor sports, such as road cycling, rowing, canoe racing or sports game where at best statistical records can be determined ( see, eg, tennis Records). For this purpose, the term is sometimes found world record.

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