World Savings Day

The World Savings Day takes place on one day in the last week of October every year. This day was adopted at the 1st International Savings Bank Congress ( World Federation of Savings Banks) in October 1924 in Milan by representatives from 29 countries in order to keep the idea of saving the world in awareness and draw attention to the importance for the economy and the individual. The Italian Professor Filippo Ravizza then told the final day of the Congress to the " International Saving Day". The first World Savings Day was celebrated by the European Savings Bank on October 31, 1925.

The World Savings Day is generally, however, committed on 31 October in Germany already on the last working day before 31 October, because in some states the Reformation Day on 31 October is a public holiday. On Weltspartag namely to open the banks and savings banks. In Austria, he is officially on October 31, but may be postponed on the last working day before.

Were multiple and distributed at the World Savings Day of banks and savings banks freebies, especially money boxes - for the purpose of financial education of the younger generation - or even cuddly toys, games and books. This should serve as an incentive regularly filled Spardosen to bring to empty the banks to then deposit the money into a savings account.

Moreover, it has naturalized in some banks in recent years, during the week of World Savings Day to celebrate all the same days as the Savings Week. Recently, we also tempt you with "Long Night of saving ", in which the branches are open longer, so that work can head to their bank.