World Straight Pool Championship

The snooker world championship in 14 and 1 endless takes place since 2006 and is held annually by the WPA ( World Pool - Billiard Association ) in cooperation with Dragon promotion. The previous tournaments were held in the American state of New Jersey in New Brunswick. The reigning World Champion Thorsten Hohmann is three wins the most successful player in World Cup history. Oliver Ortmann won the world championship twice.


Group stage

The 64 participating players will be divided into eight groups of eight players. Each player plays once against each player of his group. Who first reached 100 points wins the game. The top four then pass into the next round.

Knockout phase

After the group stage still 32 players remaining in the tournament, which now compete against each other in a double - knockout format. The game length is increased from 100 to 150. Finally, when only 16 players in the tournament, the game length is increased to 200 and the double - knockout mode converted to a single -Ko - mode (ie, every defeat means Turnieraus ).

Tournament Statistics