World Team Cup

The Power Horse World Team Cup was the Tennis World Team Championship of the ATP (men). He was hosted from 1978 to 2012 annually from Düsseldorf Rochus Club and 2.1 million euros in prize money (2004) doped. He found every year a week before the French Open.

The World Team Cup was played between eight nations. Seven teams qualified via the tennis world rankings by the respective positions of the two top players were added. The eighth nation participated via a wildcard. The tournament was one of the most important sporting events in the Dusseldorf area, with about 75,000 spectators annually and television broadcasts in over 160 countries. The event was last at all sponsored by the German ARAG ( General Legal Expenses Insurance -AG) and therefore was called " ARAG World Team Cup".

After the interim, financial difficulties of the withdrawal of the main sponsor ARAG World Team Cup in mid-January of 2011 could also be secured. The ATP announced at its annual meeting in Melbourne players that the tournament would be held from 15 to 21 May 2011. The Austrian energy drink manufacturer Power Horse was won as a new main sponsor. October 8, 2012 was officially confirmed that the World Team Cup is deleted from the 2013 ATP Tournament Calendar.


For the World Team Cup were the best in each eight nations that took the first eight places on the annual accounts of the ATP rankings. Notwithstanding this, the organizers could forgive a wildcard for a nation. So took the German team in 2012 in part as the eighth team in the tournament, although it is only ranked ninth on the financial statements of the ATP rankings on 5 December 2011.

Competition mode

A team in this tournament usually consisted of four to five players whose positions were determined within the team through their world ranking. They played two singles in each of which the current first- and second placed players of the two teams competed against each other. Which item was it first played, was determined randomly. In the doubles, which was held after the singles, the preparation was left to the team itself. It was played in two groups of four teams round robin. The two group winners contested the final.

For his victories in singles and doubles matches after a certain time of the ATP and World Cup points were awarded to increase the attractiveness for the top players. For the item between the top two players from each team and the decisive double during the group stage (Round Robin ) were awarded each 35 World Cup points. For the second individual were 25 and for one no longer decisive double the score at 2-0 for a team during the group stage, 10 points were awarded. For the final player of the first and decisive doubles Single Page, 95, awarded 20 points for the second item in the final 50 and for no longer decisive double. If a player has won all four games, including the finals and was part of the winning team, he got another 50 bonus points. Thus, the number was one of the team if he could deny all individual games until the final victorious maximum of 250, the second single- player maximum total of 175 points. Thus, the points represented a victory at a tournament in the 250 series of the ATP for the number one of the winning team. If the top players have been involved in all victorious double, he received another 250 points. Consequently, it was the top player of the winning team, he should have all four single and double ended victorious, collecting more than 500 world ranking points. This corresponded to a tournament victory in a 500 series tournament.


From 8 to 15 May 1978, the first tournament was held. From 1978 to 1981, the competition was held under the name " Ambre Solaire Nations Cup ", from 1982 to 1986 under " Ambre Solaire World Team Cup" 1987 to 1999 " Peugeot World Team Cup ", 2000 to 2010 " ARAG World Team Cup " and since 2011 is the official name of the tournament " POWER HORSE World Team Cup ".

From 2009, another sponsor could be won with Tennis-Point, which already occurs as the title sponsor of the Tennis League. Another innovation in 2009 was the award of world ranking points, both for the individual and for the double.

A new marketing concept, in which the television rights are no longer centrally marketed by ATP, but from the tournament itself, it is hoped by over 1000 hours of live transmission in the meantime more than 200 countries in the world to compensate for the spectators fading in recent years and the tournament to be maintained permanently in the ATP Tournament Calendar. Only in this way can sponsors, as the current title sponsor Power Horse are interested durable for the event.

In order to increase the attractiveness of the tournament further, you lifted in 2011 to the prize money of 750,000 euros to 800.00, of which alone the winning team will receive 260,000 Euros. More 168,000 euros go to the finalists. The two groups - Second of the preliminary round will each receive 75,000 euros.

What's next in 2013 with the traditional tournament was far from decided. At the end of 2012, negotiations were part of the show direction taken with the ATP to discuss the future of the tournament. On October 1, 2012 it was announced that the Romanian millionaire and former tennis player and manager of Boris Becker, Ion Ţiriac has earned the tournament name " World Team Championship " from Düsseldorf Rochus Club for the equivalent of 1.6 million euros.

As the SID reported on October 2, 2013, the tournament will not be played. In its place is an ATP 250 tournament advances, which is how the two years previously sponsored by the energy drink maker Power Horse. The new event will be held under the name "Power Horse Open ". The prize money should be at 415,000 euros.

List of winners

The winner of the World Cup team since the Erstaustragung 1978:

Number of Wins

It could subscribe 14 nations in the list of winners of the World Team Cup, another three nations took part in a playoff.

Fair Play Trophy

For exemplary behavior on and off the tennis court, a special award was given to the professionals since 1989: The Fair Play Trophy. 2011 there were Robin Soderling and Philipp Kohlschreiber first two winners of the valuable challenge cup.