World Wide Web is the name of the first web browser, Tim Berners -Lee at CERN in Autumn 1990 in the programming language Objective- C under the operating system NeXTSTEP. Later WorldWideWeb was renamed Nexus, so the difference to the World Wide Web has been seen more clearly.

The program dominated the 1989 developed by Berners -Lee Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP, FTP and supported the widespread access to news servers. The browser never found widespread use because it only worked on the NeXTStep environment that was very progressive, but not widespread at the time of development.

On December 25, 1990 communicated WorldWideWeb was the first time that contacts with the also programmed by Berners -Lee first Web server on the domain For formatting websites stylesheets were supported. The browser was also an editor for HTML documents, but only local documents could be processed. The prototype was able to show embedded graphics in web pages, they have been open in a separate window. WorldWideWeb was able to open all supported by NextStep file types.