Worthington Industries

Worthington Cylinders is a U.S. American engineering company with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. The Group is in its turn part of Worthington Industries. In the United States Worthington Cylinders operates seven plants, another in Canada, in Europe, one each in Austria, the Czech Republic and Portugal.

The Group was founded in 1971 in the United States and produces pressurized gas container of various kinds, such as gas cylinders for industrial gases, camping gas or brake reservoir for the automotive industry.

The company was founded by John H. McConnell in 1955. 2007, the Group had a turnover of more than $ 3 billion with approximately 8,000 employees. Since 2001 Worthington listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Worthington Cylinders Austria

Worthington Cylinders has in Kienberg in Lower Austria their location. At this location, seamless steel cylinders are manufactured, which are exported to 70 countries worldwide. At the site about 350 employees.

The plant, which was acquired by the Group in 1998, has its roots, as Anton Winter bought three blacksmith shops already in 1817. In 1849, this first company of Joseph Heiser and was further taken over in 1911 by the brothers Reitlinger.

In 1920, here the first steel bottle was produced. The foundry and the axis production was not set. The company was confiscated as German property after the Second Wekltkrieg and placed under USIA administration and only naach 1955 refunded. The axis forge was established in 1974 and decommissioned the foundry in 1987.

Since 1967, the mass for filling acetylene cylinders is generated. High-strength steel bottles are produced since 1986. Since 1992, the mass of the gas bottle is manufactured without asbestos. Also composite bottles they have been making since 1995, many of which are used for respiratory protection equipment.

The company has received numerous awards over the years. So WCA is in the years 2009 and 2010 and also the 2011 Second among the best employers in Austria and in the top 50 in Europe. In the years 2007 and 2008 WCA was Austria continues winner among Austria's Leading Companies in the class of the big players. The company was awarded the State Prize of the Quality Department of Commerce in 2008. In 2009, the Austrian coat of arms was granted.

Worthington Cylinders Česká Republika

In the Czech Republic Worthington Cylinders has its headquarters in Hustopeče in South Moravia. Here compressed air tank for truck and bus industry in Europe are produced. The company was founded in 1881 belongs since 2006 to the Group.

It was founded by Edmund Wessely. Since 1954, under the company name Jihokov and from 1958 under Plynokov LPG bottles were produced as standard.

In 1992, the nationalized company was fully privatized. It was under the name Gastec further liquid gas bottles, camping gas cookers and other pressure vessels. From Gastec time being a majority stake was acquired in 1999 by Worthington, whereby the Company at Worthington Gastec as changed its name. Since 2006, Worthington also took over the remaining portion, called the company only Worthington as