Woudrichem ( listen? / I ) is an ancient fortress city on the Merwede in the province of North Brabant ( Land van Heusden en Altena ).


City ​​Woudrichem

Woudrichem is connected to the neighboring municipality of Gorinchem and with the castle Loevestein by ferry. The old center Woudrichems is dominated by the Gothic church.


Foundation of the town Woudrichem

There, where currently the Hoogstraat ( high street) and the Molenstraat (Mill Street ) are, created a marketplace in the 9th century. Against 1000, the city expanded to the north.

City ​​rights

In the year 1356 Mr. William V of Altena gave the place that had now greatly increased the city rights. The Count of Holland laid in the same year, the customs station of Niemandsvriend compared to today Sliedrecht after Woudrichem. Dirk Loef van Horne, the successor of Wilhelm V, the city gave the 1362 fisheries rights. During this time, the Martinus church was built. 1386 they began to build the city wall.

The celebrations of the 650th anniversary of the granting of town rights were held in the period from 25 August to 17 September 2006.

Jakobäa of Straubing- Holland

In 1386, Count Albrecht of Holland took over the Land van Altena. Count Albrecht and later his son, Wilhelm II could be titulieren than Mr van Altena. Only 1417 are Jakobäa of Straubing -Holland, the only daughter of Wilhelm II, the area of the van Horne family (also: de Horne ) back.

Saint Elisabeth flood

1421 the area around Woudrichem from the Saint Elisabeth flood was completely flooded. Subsequently, the population was barely able to care for themselves.

Strategic location of the place

The strategic location at the edge of the then known as "Holland" area brought Woudrichem often disadvantages. So the city was several times attacked: 1405 by the Arkelern 1511 of funds, twice in 1573 by the Spaniards.

Ruin and rebuilding

In 1573 the town was completely burned down. In the period 1583-1588 more fortifications were built even within the existing city walls, so that the remaining urban area was almost halved. Only now Woudrichem could be rebuilt. This was only possible with the help and support of other cities.

Woudrichem in ( North ) Brabant

After the French period Woudrichem 1815 final Brabantish.

Allocation of seats in the municipal council 2008

  • CDA, 5 seats
  • Gemeentebelangen, 3 seats
  • PvdA, 3 seats
  • CU, 2 seats
  • VVD, 2 seats