The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, edited and published Woxx is a weekly newspaper with ecological- social orientation. Publisher is a cooperative in order to meet the demands of the self-managed enterprise needs.

The newspaper was established in 1988 as GréngeSpoun on the initiative of the Green Party of Luxembourg Déi Gréng. The GréngeSpoun should, however, " no central organ are ," it said on September 23, 1988 at the first editorial. However, " needs the Gréng Alternatively, an institution in the sense that they can publish their undistorted positions ," the newspaper admits a self-critical.

In the meantime, the newspaper, which was renamed in 2000 Woxx, but largely emancipated from the party.

Linguistically, the newspaper is therefore particularly interesting since all three national languages ​​of Luxembourg, Luxembourgish, French and German co-exist in the sheet.

Visually, the Woxx inspired by the monthly newspaper Le Monde diplomatique.