Wreath of Christ

The Pearls of Life, also called pearl of the faith, are a pearl ribbon, which was founded in 1995, developed by Martin Lönnebo, a bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sweden.

Emergence and dissemination

Bishop Lönnebo sat in 1995 due to a storm several days fixed on a Greek island. ( " Livets Pärlor " swedish ) When he saw there Greek fishermen with their Kombologia him the idea came to the pearls of life. He first designed on paper a life preserver made ​​of pearls (hence the Swedish name Frälsarkransen ), where he allotted a meaning of each pearl. After his return to Sweden he set for this design produces a pearl ribbon and used it to pray. Quickly, his invention used in Sweden. After Germany, the beads came first as a " pearl of faith" by the Spiritualin Kirstin Faupel - Drevs and found by the Ecumenical Church Congress in Berlin in May 2003 on the initiative of the Office of Public Service ( AfÖ ) of the North Elbe Evangelical Lutheran Church, a further distribution in the German space. In 2006, the book (" Saviour Wreath" ) appeared in Gütersloh publishing house as a German translation of the Swedish original edition " Livets Pärlor " "Pearls of Life" by Carolina Welin and Carolina Johansson, after internationally alongside the term " Frälsarkransen " the term " Livets Pärlor "or " Pearls of Life "/" had beads of life "for the rosary by Martin Lönnebo enforced more and more. Since 2011 there is even the opportunity to be accompanied in the form of an app from the "Pearls of Life." On dealing with the pearls wreaths various spiritual courses mainly by Protestant Academies, meeting and retreat houses are offered.


In the chain consisting of 18 beads, each bead has a meaning, is a vital question, a thought or a prayer. Fixed prayer formulations do not exist. For each bead to that topic a meditation is held or said a prayer.

The order of the pearls of faith, clockwise, starting with the great golden pearl, is:

  • God's pearl
  • Pearl of silence
  • I - pearl
  • Taufperle
  • Pearl of silence
  • Desert pearl
  • Pearl of silence
  • Pearl of serenity
  • Pearl of silence
  • Two pearls of love
  • Three mystery beads
  • Pearl of the night
  • Pearl of silence
  • Pearl of the Resurrection
  • Pearl of silence

In this order, the beads are also a symbol of the life cycle. They also represent a catechism