Wrestling singlet

A wrestler jersey ( or Ringer's suit) is a one-piece, tight-fitting suit, which is usually made of spandex, lycra or nylon. Often a wrestler wrestling jersey from beginners will be used.

The jersey is tight, so that the opponent can take his opponent harder and grinding on the mat caused no injury to the skin. A slip of the pants is prevented by better grip than one piece.


In most high school and college wrestling events common team colors be worn. Often, however, an anklet is not created as an additional distinguishing feature. Outside of school sports, such as in international competitions, wrestlers usually wear a blue and red jersey for distinction. Professional wrestlers usually have more individualized jerseys, also with printed logo.


  • The " high cut " covers the belly and goes almost to their armpits. Even one piece with sleeves fall below this point.
  • The "middle cut" differs from the high section of thinner and slightly longer carrier. This cut is also called Fila - section, because it is released by the International Federation of Luttes Associées as an official competition jersey.
  • The " low cut" leaves the wrestler not sweat so fast and is sometimes worn under clothes. It consists almost entirely of the trouser part and long beams.

Under the jersey

Under the jersey a pair of underpants, a swimsuit or a jockstrap must be worn.