WRN Broadcast

WRN Broadcast (formerly World Radio Network, WRN ) is a privately held company headquartered in London, the more widespread radio and television programs for broadcasters from around the world and the internal program distribution for television and radio provider accepts.


The company was founded in 1992 and was initially emerged via satellite, which could be heard on shortwave only for DXers until then, especially with the re- broadcasting of radio programs of foreign services. Since then, it was possible to use these programs, which were broadcast by the transmitters on different frequencies, can also be heard in a continuous stream over monolingual direct satellite reception, in which the broadcasts were partly offset in time, partly broadcast live. To this end, we initially used an English and a foreign language channel that could be heard on the programs of more than 20 transmitters, and later a German, a French, and again some time later also added a Russian and an Arabic channel. The Russian program was broadcast primarily in the larger Russian cities since 2001 on FM, in Moscow there was a medium-wave transmitter.

In addition to the satellite entered the dissemination over the Internet using live streams in the process of digitalization. By September 2010, the German program was broadcast 97.2 MHz in Berlin on the FM frequency. In addition, WRN uses smaller time window for other radio stations.

With the loss of importance of the short- wave radios other business over time became more important. Today WRN Broadcast provides frequencies to broadcasters for retransmission of their programs (so-called rebroadcasting ).

The end of WRN as a collection channel for overseas services, was initiated in early 2013 by the withdrawal of Radio Romania International, one of the first stations who had used the service. In November 2013 it was announced that the German and the French radio program broadcast by WRN be discontinued at the end, after more and more stations had terminated their contracts with WRN. Eliminated included the Voice of Russia, China Radio International, Radio Sweden and several religious stations. The remaining contracts expire on 31 December 2013 and will not be renewed. These reports were confirmed on November 22, 2013, but the company did not provide any reasons for the closure of the channels. They wanted to focus on " core regions ". The Podcast service in all languages ​​will set for the 16th December 2013.


WRN still operates mainly language-related platforms that carry the name World Radio Network and on which the foreign stations of different countries present their programs. Customers of WRN Broadcast include Radio Australia, Polskie Radio, Radio Prague, Radio France Internationale, German wave, Vatican Radio, Radio Guangdong, Radio New Zealand and United Nations Radio. The Voice of Russia operates jointly with KBS World Radio since 2011 its own channel, which is available on DAB in London as well as a live stream.


The distribution of the programs of WRN via satellite and the satellite and cable networks, but also on local FM and AM stations. There are also live streams on the internet as well as podcasts of individual shipments. The live stream can only be used on the website or via a widget.