Wrocław's dwarfs

The Wroclaw dwarfs (Polish Krasnale ) are a tourist attraction in Breslau ( Wrocław), the capital of the Polish Lower Silesian Voivodeship. The political opposition movement " Orange Alternative " had in the 1980s with spontaneous actions (for example, demonstrations in dwarf costume) criticized the communist regime in Poland and a cast iron dwarf ( " Papa dwarf" ) situated in the Old Town Wrocław.

In the summer of 2001 appeared the first dwarves, as a project by students of the art school in the city. Since 2004 the artist was commissioned Tomasz Moczek twelve dwarves to manufacture, there are the figures in different variations across the city. Beginning of 2009 there were already 95 copies, today (2013 ) are found over 250 dwarves in Wrocław. The characters are made ​​of cast bronze, and have a size of about 30 cm.