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The 533 -meter-high WTVM - WRBL TV broadcasting mast located near Cusseta, Georgia, USA about 20-25 miles southeast of Columbus, GA.


This mast was originally located in Columbus, Georgia behind the WRBL - TV studios on the 12th Avenue. The foundations are there still exists. He was not originally 533 feet tall, but only about 366 m. The additional 167 m were added after the mast was moved to Cusseta.

Both of WTVM and WRBL of the image signals were transmitted from the studio to the transmitter mast in Cusseta by means of radio. Between the antennas of the studios and the receive antennas at the transmitter mast in Cusseta was a direct line of sight. There were often problems at the beginning by winds, the adjusted the antennas and often there was icing. After icing had to be manually adjusted from time to time. This was also necessary to align the antennas.


After the 533 -meter-high radio mast was completed, was WDAK WTVM TV and changed the transmission frequency of channel 28 by Channel 9. WRBL - TV also changed its broadcast frequency from channel 9 to channel 4 's new WTVM - WRBL radio mast was now able to send undisturbed within 70-80 miles.

Near the WTVM - TV transmitting mast is located at 32 ° 19'16 .4 " N, 84 ° 47'28 .2" W since 2005 Cusseta Richland Towers Tower, another guyed mast, which even exceeds the WTVM - TV transmitting mast height.


The WRBL - WTVM transmission tower was the tallest structure in the world for 16 months. In September 1963, the construction of the transmission tower WBIR in Knoxville, Tennessee - also 533 meters high - completed.

Three months later, in December 1963, the 628 -meter-high radio mast for KTHI (original call sign) in Fargo, North Dakota was the tallest structure in the world. By March 2008, this transmission tower had regained the title of highest building on earth, after August 10, 1991, the 648 -meter-high radio mast Radio Warsaw the long wave transmitter in Konstantynów, Poland, was the tallest building in the world from 1974 to 1991 collapsed.

With the completion of the Burj Khalifa, the record holder of the world's tallest building was replaced.